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Unique combination of textile, wood and leather!

The Ceiba bag is very versatile, in addition to using it as a handbag or shoulder bag, you can take it on the side that you like the most!

On the one hand, we have used textiles woven on a backstrap loom with supplementary weft brocade and on the other side, striped, a textile woven on a pedal loom.

The accessory in the form of a bracelet, you can change its side or remove it completely. The pieces of the bracelet are handmade by winding cotton thread.

The inner lining is of brin, a fabric used to make the coffee bags, with additional pocket and zip.

The sides, as well as the inner pocket and the removable shoulder strap are made of leather. The closure is made of wood from renewable forests in Guatemala.

It is ideal for storing all your essentials: money, lipstick, mobile and much more.

Without a doubt, this bag will take you from a daytime event to a special evening occasion in one look!


Each bag is 100% handmade in a small artisan workshop and has the human touch of our knitters in each stitch.

We co-create unique textiles with artisans from the Guatemalan highlands, a country world famous for its textiles and hand embroidery, fusing traditional techniques with contemporary design to create small works of art.

This makes our bags unique and distinctive from those made in factories. Like all handmade products, no two are the same. Variations in size, color and design may occur.

Community impact:

Your purchase supports our project to provide decent work opportunities for Guatemalan artisans and preserve Mayan culture and traditions.


Textile front and back | Removable leather shoulder strap | Inner lining of brin | Interior zippered leather pocket | Renewable Wood Closure


Height: 15cm / 6 "
Length: 26.5 / 10.5 "
Width: 11cm / 3.25 "
Strap length x width: 131 cm. / 51.5 "x 2.2 cm / 3/4" with 1/16 "