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Quiénes Somos

Handmade bags, created by and for women who are constantly seeking to make a significant impact in the world

I'm Melany, I was born in Guatemala, a world famous country for its handmade textiles, so the appreciation for crafts, art and design has always been part of my life and a great passion.

In 2017, I decided to leave Guatemala and my professional career as a lawyer to launch myself into a new adventure in Spain. After living in Barcelona for a season, I moved to Madrid determined to risk and follow my dream: to create an ethical and sustainable fashion proposal that merges traditional techniques and unconventional materials with contemporary design.

Extraordinarily chic, Ixoqui is a celebration of heritage, skill and women

Derived from multiple trips around my country, I have had the opportunity to visit various cooperatives of Mayan women, who have an exceptional talent for creating impressive fabrics using ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation; but they are almost extinct because they often lack access to international markets to sell their products.

Most of these women are mothers from low-income rural communities, who work from home to care for their children and, combined with poor access to education, early marriage and high birth rates, have few opportunities to improve your situation.

Thus, in 2020, Ixoqui was born, a word that in the Mayan language means woman, and that reflects our desire to improve the lives of women through job opportunities, allowing them to obtain a fair salary and take care of their own, as well as to preserve and promote its unique cultural heritage.

At Ixoqui we celebrate high quality craftsmanship and slow fashion through each of our bags

Ixoqui is a brand of handmade bags made by Mayan women in Guatemala. Our bags combine high-quality sustainable and renewable materials, with the know-how of expert artisans who require more than a month of work but who guarantee that each bag is unique and unrepeatable. No one will ever carry exactly the same bag!

Bags with ethnic prints and full of color, make Ixoqui a fun, colorful and sustainable brand

The result is unique and surprising: eye-catching bags that will never go unnoticed for their vibrant colors and unusual designs.

Ixoqui makes each bag an accessory to be appreciated forever and not just for a season. Each bag is a small collectible work of art!